I’ve pondered the idea of creating a blog for some time now, but until recently, I’d never been quite sure from which angle to approach it. On a professional level, the are certainly a multitude of topics that pique my interest, whether it be sustainability and the green building movement, commentaries on design, or cheering for the “New Urbanism” concepts of livable, walkable communities that value people over automobiles. All are worthy topics, but perhaps with a limited audience (are you still with me?). Besides, there are any number of blogs already out there that tackle these subjects admirably.

Instead, I’ve come to the conclusion that the subject I’m most qualified to talk about is, well . . . me. (pauses to allow everyone time to groan) Actually, it would be more to the point to describe the subject matter as a diverse collection of personal reflections and observations from my own life that I suspect can be shared on some level by many of you. It’s clear to me that life is a never-ending process of discovery. Each day brings new insights, new lessons, and we’ve all got something to share. Often times, I’ve found that my quest for deeper understanding only leads to more questions. It’s life’s great paradox, the more we discover – about the world around us, about ourselves – the more we realize how much we still don’t know.

It’s anybody’s guess as to where the conversations here may lead, and I’ll make little effort to restrain it. To the contrary, it is my hope that this blog can take on a life of its own, and that my readers (somebody, anybody?) will contribute their own insights, thoughts and energy to keep things interesting. So please, don’t be shy. We can learn a lot from each other, and maybe between us, we can figure out this thing called life. Welcome aboard.