All the world’s a-Twitter, or so it seems. Pull up just about any website, blog or news feed, and you’re likely to find an icon inviting you to “follow me on Twitter.” I’ve yet to join the mob.

You see, the whole point of Twitter is to disseminate information (regardless of importance) to as many people as possible as quickly as possible. Indeed, when followers receive something juicy, they can re-tweet to their own followers at light-speed. One tweet becomes ten, then a hundred, then a thousand –  and pretty soon the whole world knows that you had a bran muffin for breakfast (thank you John McCain!). I can see the allure if you’re in a profession that benefits from developing and growing a loyal following. This would include PR folks, politicians, investment gurus, etc. But for the average Joe, isn’t it just an ego-trip? A good friend and colleague of mine belongs in the former category. He’s been a Tweeter (man, I keep wanting to say Twit . . .) for a while now and swears by it. He’s prodding me to join the crowd – says it’ll increase readership of my blog.

Maybe, I dunno. If the rest of you are Tweeters, I’m not (yet) aware of it. But I would like to know. . . is this something you’ve adopted into your daily life?  Am I missing the boat by staying on the fence? Should I cave and join the masses?

And if I did, would you follow me?