Anyone who speaks of rain in dreary and depressing terms must not live in the desert. Around here, nothing feels better than a good rain shower, and Saturday offered a delightful break from the relentless summer heat.

Our family has always enjoyed rainy days. Sometimes, we’ll run outside during the height of the downpour and perform our own little rain dance, with a nod of gratitude to the rain gods. At the very least, we give pause to just stare out the window for a while. For this occasion, we cancelled some other plans and spent the morning under cover on the patio with a cup of coffee, while the kids took advantage of a break in the thunder to go for a swim in the rain.

Everything about it – the sound, the smell, the freshness in the air – seems to invigorate us, as if breathing new life into tired souls. For reasons I can’t explain, tension and grumpiness start to melt away, and everyone’s spirit kicks up a notch or two. The spa industry makes millions every year on “treatments” that mimick the feeling of a warm rain, so I guess we’re not alone. There’s just something zen-like about it.

Speaking of zen . . .  just now, as I write this, I can hear the patter of raindrops starting to graze the window. I think I’ll head out for a short walk.