On my political soapbox again . . . I’m really trying not to make a habit of this!

I just saw this article from CNN, and was wowed by the statement attributed to Dr. J. James Rohack, President of the American Medical Association, regarding their support for the current health care reform bill:  

. . .  the legislation is “not a perfect representation of our views” but is close enough to warrant his group’s support and keep the reform process moving forward . . .

Now, how inspiring would it be if other players in the debate, on both sides of the aisle, could adopt a similar philosophy? When we fight for extremist ideologies, and refuse to yield on principle, nobody wins.

The article goes on to note that the house Bill includes a public insurance option. Gee, if the doctors aren’t afraid of a government-run insurance system dictating how they deliver medical care, why should the Republicans be?

The answer, obviously, is that that isn’t really what the Republicans are afraid of at all. What they’re most afraid of is a little competition draining the profits of their political donors. All that scary stuff is just a smokescreen.