A fellow blogger has a series of posts titled “What You Will Do For Your Children,” wherein he’ll spotlight some of the selfless, and sometimes humiliating, hoops we’ll climb through for no other reason than to show our love and support for the little ones in our lives. So Matt, tally this one up in your column.

A while back, I posted a little piece about my disdain for Dunkin Donuts’ coffee. Considering all the hype I’d heard and read, I was more than a little disappointed when I finally got around to trying it, and shared my thoughts with the world. Well, guess what? I’m now hawking DD’s coffee to my friends and family, or anyone else who needs a bag or two. It’s a fundraiser for my son’s soccer team (those tournaments get expensive!) and we get to keep a pretty good share of the proceeds.

So, I never thought I’d be saying this, but . . .

Anyone care for some Dunkin Donuts coffee?   Options are: regular, decaf, vanilla, or hazelnut (all ground). Whole bean coffee is available in regular or decaf. Nine bucks a bag, and you can have it by Christmas. Yeah, I know the grocery store sells it for less. That’s why we call it a fundraiser.

Lots of folks really like this stuff. Makes an easy holiday gift. Any takers?