I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked that question in the past couple of weeks. As if I can explain it. I can’t even explain some of the dumb stuff that I do, so I’m completely unqualified to speak for Tiger.

He had it all. Dream job, dream gal, dream family, ungodly amounts of money, a loyal, adoring fan base and a squeaky-clean public image. But maybe it all came too easily, and he wasn’t content with that.

Maybe the prospect of skirting around with tramp du’jour (the current tally is 8, but it’s still early in the day) without getting caught offered him a bigger challenge. Maybe, growing up under his dad’s wing, he never got the chance to explore his urges and indulge some indiscretions. Maybe he’s just as clueless, ay! more so, than the common man when it comes to relationships.

Maybe its all-of-the-above.

Whatever his reasons, he’s created quite a mess, and I’m not sure he’s even begun to come to terms with it. And, as the saying goes, the bigger they are the harder they fall. When this all plays out, he’ll still have a career in golf and more money than he can spend, but the rest is gone. Not even the great Tiger Woods can pull out a win this time.

His ill-advised attemp to buy Elin back with a re-negotiated prenuptial agreement is perhaps the most humiliating gesture he could make. As if it weren’t bad enough to make a colossal fool of her, now he’s treating her like a whore. 

Game over, Tiger. No playoff holes. You’re done. Don’t even bother signing the scorecard.