I’ve got lots of friends in the medical world, and some of them even take the time now and again to read this blog. I love you all, and hope we can still be chums, but . . .

Why the hell does basic medical care have to cost so much?

Back in November, my son was goofing off with friends at the park and took a fall. He managed to find the one piece of metal in about two acres of grass, and split the back of his head open. He was bleeding everywhere, so we made a call to one of our “friends on the inside,” and the local emergency room staff was waiting for us when we walked in the door. Step aside, swine-flu people, we’ve got real blood here. The service was outstanding, and we are very appreciative of being allowed to get in and out with relative ease.

A few weeks later, we got the bill from the hospital. And then we got a separate bill from the doctors. Needless to say, I was stunned. Hospital charges totaled over $1600, and a separate bill from the doctor was nearly $900.

Wah? That’s $2500 for 2 bottles of saline solution to clean the wound, a novacaine shot, and 5 staples. Really! No ambulance, no fancy scans, no lab work, nada. Just a textbook case of stitch-em up and send-em home. The whole procedure probably took 30 minutes.

Yes, we’ve got insurance, so we won’t end up paying that much, but c’mon . . . $2500? No wonder we’ve got a health care crisis in this country.